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Tennant V-SMU-36

The smart alternative at a competitive price

Reduce maintenance costs and downtime

The V-SMU-36 eliminates the four key issues that cause vacuums to fail, thus increasing productivity and lowering service costs verses current commercial vacs.

Healthy, proven performance

veranderen in Significantly lower vacuum emissions and subsequent health issues with standard HEPA 3-stage filtration.

Durable and Affordable

Major components have been proven in commercial applications for over 10 years. This vacuum delivers high value at operating costs up to 30% less than other commercial vacuums.

Be smart. Try this new alternative at a competitive price. It will change your vacuum reality.

Tennant V-SMU-36


  • Effortless handle release, integrated cord holder and carry handle as well as a double strain relief. Will change your vacuum reality.

  • Increase productivity and cleaning coverage with onboard crevice and upholstery tools and up to 30% longer wand reach than competition.

  • Ideal for carpet cleaning in office buildings and hospitality

V-SMU-36 Specifications

Vacuum System

Vacuum motor hp
1.6 hp / 1.19 kW each
Vacuum motor type
Single stage, thermal protected, clean air
Vacuum motor watts/amps
1200 watts / 10 A
Water lift

Brush Drive System

Brush belt description
Round drive belt
Brush type
305 mm metal brush roll with natural bristles
Brush size
57 mm in diameter, 12 in / 305 mm length
Brush motor HP
19 kW
Brush height
Automatic, self-adjusting


Triple filtration system
Filter bag, vac motor filter, and HEPA filter
Triple filtration description
High efficiency (99.97%) at 0.3 micron
Vacuum bag capacity
Fill design, 3.8 qt / 3.6 L

Dimensions / Weight / Sound Level

320 mm
370 mm
1120 mm
7.3 kg
Sound level (at operator’s ear)
69.9 dBA


On-board crevice tool, dusting brush with telescopic aluminum wand

For spare parts availability please call you local Tennant organisation for details.



See your sales representative or authorized distributor for complete warranty details

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