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Tennant s30

The quietest, most productive indoor/outdoor sweeper available.

Engineered for reliable, industrial-strength sweeping, the Tennant S30 rider sweeper improves indoor and outdoor performance, significantly reduces sound levels and features the exclusive SweepSmart dust control system.

Significantly improve air quality

Create cleaner air while delivering better sweeping results with the SweepSmart dust control system. This 3-stage system filters sub-micron dust particles to a MERV 13 rating on the ASHRAE 20 point scale, resulting in near HEPA levels.

Unrivaled sweeping performance

Easily pick-up everything from fine grains of sand to light debris on almost any terrain or floor surface. The Tennant S30 offers true indoor/outdoor flexibility while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Unparalleled safety

Focusing on safety, the Tennant S30 provides better operator sightlines, reduced noise levels, and easy operation. This is achieved with a cab forward design, key material and system improvements.

Tennant s30

Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

  • Deliver unrivaled sweeping performance and dry dust control with 3-stage SweepSmart system

  • Clean indoors and out, without compromizing performance

  • mprove operator safety with low 80 dBA noise rating and innovative cab forward design


Sweeping System

Cleaning path

Single side brush
1,590 mm
Dual side brush
2,030 mm

Main brush

Main brush length (tubular)
1,145 mm
Main brush lift
Mechanical or Hydraulic
Main brush change

Side broom

Side broom diameter
660 mm

Volume capacity
395 L
Weight capacity (plastic)
490 kg
Weight capacity (steel)
545 kg
Dump height (variable to)
1,525 mm
Dump reach
760 mm

Dust Control System

Filter system (triple stage)
Stage 1
Stage 2
Cyclonic pre-filter
Stage 3
Nanofiber canister filter
Filter area
7,5 m2
Dust filtration (up to)
0.5 microns @ 99% efficiency
Vacuum fan speed
Normal sweeping mode
4600 rpm
Litter sweeping mode
5500 rpm
Vacuum diameter
280 mm

Propelling System

Propel speed forward (variable to)
16/24 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to)
5 km/h
41 kW GM
28 kW Kubota
Full hopper
10 deg/18%
Empty hopper
14 deg/25%
Ground clearance
100 mm

Machine Dimensions

2,360 mm
1,590 mm
With overhead guard
2,095 mm
Without overhead guard
1,475 mm
Weight (net)
1,595 kg
Minimum aisle turn
2,870 mm
Sound level
80 dBA


Genuine Tennant Parts Advantage

Operate your machine with confidence by choosing genuine Tennant parts. Only authentic Tennant parts are engineered in conjunction with Tennant equipment. For years of worry-free operation, accept only genuine parts and supplies.

Industry’s Only Factory-Direct Service Network

Providing world-class response, completion times and on-site machine service, our factory-trained network is dedicated to keeping your cleaning program up and running.


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